2015 Permablitzs

Permaculture_Geelong_PermablitzThe following is a list of proposed dates for Permablitzs and Working Bees, please mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates to these events and activities.

Please if you are interested in hosting a Permablitz at your property or you know of a community organisation that would welcome one, email us and we can discuss how we can help.

Geelong Permaculture Permablilzs and Working Bees 2015

October – Saturday the 10th
1/2 day Working Bee 10 to 1pm @ Biba’s


Help transform this space into an edible garden.

November – Saturday the 14th – Clifton Springs Permablitz

WHEN:  10am to 4pm (Sat 14th Nov)
WHERE: Clifton Springs
WHAT: Help a family turn their backyard into a Permaculture Oasis!   On the day there are jobs suitable for all skill levels.

Some tasks we did on the day…

  • Cutting back a ‘huge’ jade plant hedge (you are welcome to take home cuttings).
  • Making pathways and edging garden beds.
  • Turning a disused back corner into a seasonal food patch
  • Creating a seating area and kitchen garden out of a bare unused patch.
  • Turning a disused ‘under the stairs’ area into a Permi Pet Home.
  • …and a little weeding and mulching!!!

Pics coming soon…


A new post will probably be made to detail 2016 Blitzes, but here are the proposed dates:


April – Sunday the 10th Permablitz. [Sorry, this event has been cancelled; stay tuned].

June – Sunday the 5th or Sat 11th. [Proposed date, TBA]
Permaculture Geelong Blitz Team