2015 Permablitzs

Permaculture_Geelong_PermablitzThe following is a list of proposed dates for Permablitzs and Working Bees, please mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates to these events and activities.

Please if you are interested in hosting a Permablitz at your property or you know of a community organisation that would welcome one, email us and we can discuss how we can help.

Geelong Permaculture Permablilzs and Working Bees 2015

October – Saturday the 10th
1/2 day Working Bee 10 to 1pm @ Biba’s


Help transform this space into an edible garden.

November – Saturday the 14th – Clifton Springs Permablitz

WHEN:  10am to 4pm (Sat 14th Nov)
WHERE: Clifton Springs
WHAT: Help a family turn their backyard into a Permaculture Oasis!   On the day there are jobs suitable for all skill levels.

Some tasks we did on the day…

  • Cutting back a ‘huge’ jade plant hedge (you are welcome to take home cuttings).
  • Making pathways and edging garden beds.
  • Turning a disused back corner into a seasonal food patch
  • Creating a seating area and kitchen garden out of a bare unused patch.
  • Turning a disused ‘under the stairs’ area into a Permi Pet Home.
  • …and a little weeding and mulching!!!

Pics coming soon…


A new post will probably be made to detail 2016 Blitzes, but here are the proposed dates:


April – Sunday the 10th Permablitz. [Sorry, this event has been cancelled; stay tuned].

June – Sunday the 5th or Sat 11th. [Proposed date, TBA]
Permaculture Geelong Blitz Team


Lorna’s Permablitz

Looks a little bare at the moment but we’ve planted pumpkins, tomatoes, watermelon, capsicums, artichokes & parsley. Zucchinis will go in tomorrow & we have a border of beautiful petunias to attract the bees & add some colour.

Big thanks to 13 hard working volunteers who spread half a truck load of composted horse manure that arrived at a moments notice & then removed a mass of weeds to create a pathway.

Looking forward to more PB’s around Geelong!





Kiltynane Winery Permablitz

1500 plants now in the ground at Kiltynane Winery and should have a good start with the rain. Thankfully we didn’t get rained on too much. Landcare puts on a great lunch for the workers and the sun shone to warm us up.

Permaculture Geelong got a special thank you for helping out and getting the plants in the ground in record time!

Slight detour on foot as some of us decided to take advantage of the cellar door before we left. 🙂